Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who Said I Was White?

Dear family and friends,
Yet another week here in Riga, things are still going pretty well. Still don't have any baptismal dates, but 3 of our investigators really are progressing towards it. I taught my first real Word of Wisdom lesson this week, it was way tough. It's so hard to see people addicted to all this stuff. Last tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Seitz and we were just contacting on the streets when we heard someone behind us shout "Elders!". We don't hear that too often here, but at first we just kinda looked at each other cause we didn't know who it was. We both thought it was like a member from the Latvian branch or something. Turns out it was this couple from St. George, members and everything. They were here for an adoption, and just happened to see us on the street, so they chased us down and wanted to take us to dinner. We had English class, so we couldn't go, but it's still crazy we ran in to someone from Utah here, haha. Last night something pretty cool happened. Elder Koegler and I went out to an area called Sarkandaugava to see if we could find a former investigator from the area book. We found his Дом (apartment building) and went up to the 9th floor where he lived. He ended up not answering, but we still had like 30 minutes, so we decided to harvest (knock) the floor we were on. Nobody accepted, so we were on our way out of the building. As we passed the last door (room apartment #1) Elder Koegler was like "let's knock it for good measure". This lady, Йелена, answered and let us in immediately. So cool. Her family had just barely moved in, and were in the middle of a remont, so they didn't have any power, but we were able to share a bit about the restoration, and set up a return appointment. She volunteered to pray at the end of the lesson too.
So the daylight savings just made it get dark here at like 5 now, so our schedule is gonna change a bit, going out to proselyte a little earlier, so that we're home earlier. Yup, that's about all that's new, Love you all
-Старейшина Аткинсон


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